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July 30, 2013


  • Partnership between Antex and BUILD. Press release,  June 1, 2012
  • Energy programs inefficient. BUILD proposal would help retrofit homes most in need. By Joel Schlesinger. Winnipeg Free Press,  29 November 2011, p. B12
  • Saving energy, improving lives. Green business makes a difference. Winnipeg Free Press,  8 June 2011
  • Use Less Energy, Save More Money – An EcoLiving Award winner and contractor shares his best tips to save electricity and lower your bills –  EcoLiving
  • BUILD: $ 50,000 Winner of the EcoLiving 2011 Business Leadership Award –  EcoLiving
  • Green non-profit has chance at big award. Winnipeg Free Press,  10 May 2011, p. A2
  • Warming hearts and homes. Program helps inner-city residents while teaching life skills. The Uniter,  2 September 2009
  • Improving inner-city homes. Program fixes homes, turns around lives. The Uniter,  12 February 2009
  • Inner-city job-training program gets new name. Winnipeg Free Press,  23 January 2009
  • Big boost for Manitoba Housing. $48M pledged by province for projects. Winnipeg Free Press,  3 December 2008


  • The case for a national strategy on low income energy and water efficiency, CCPA Fast Facts, 18 November 2009.