BUILD acronym for Building Urban Industries for Local Development

BUILD is a social enterprise non-profit contractor and a training program for people who face barriers to employment. Our work lowers utility bills, employs neighbourhood people, cuts crime, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. BUILD seeks a Winnipeg where bills in low-income housing are affordable and where the residents who live in this housing have gainful, family-supporting employment. We will contribute towards this vision by training people with limited experience in the formal labour market to retrofit this housing stock in a fashion that reduces poverty and improves the environment. The social enterprise wing of BUILD uses the power of the market to create training and employment opportunities for people with multiple barriers to employment. Through in class training, and on-the-job mentorship by our crew leaders, trainees gain invaluable life and work experience, making them more marketable to trades employers.

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trades divisions

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BUILD is a Manitoba Hydro approved insulation installer that has been insulating attics, basements and walls in Manitoba since 2006. Our insulation installations reduce carbon emissions, while providing savings to our customers through lower utility bills.
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Have a cabinet refresh project coming? Our trained team, led by a Journeyperson carpenter, can handle high-volume installs with discretion toward tenants.
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Our plumbing team, headed by a Journeyperson plumber, has saved Manitobans more than 1.74 billion litres of water – that’s enough to fill 700 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Through BUILD’s water-saving retrofits, thousands of Manitobans have had new toilets, aerators, and low-flow shower-heads installed, lowering utility bills and decreasing load on city infrastructure.
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Renovation & Maintenance

Renovation: New construction, old buildings, offices and apartments, our renovation teams have seen it all. Drawing on our many divisions, our renovation crews have the ability to do make your job run smoothly, giving you peace of mind that your build will be done right. Maintenance: From simple repairs and patch and paint, to deep refreshes of units, our team can get your recently vacated unit as good as new for your new tenants.


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